Tired of Being Black: “So Disgusted I Can’t Perform”

Tired of Being Black: “So Disgusted I Can’t Perform”

Disgusted with a racist video? Are you serious? Boy, do we black men have some nerve! Who are we to get mad at other races for using the “n” word? Who are we to get mad every time a young African American male is murdered by a white police officer? Who are we to fume with anger because someone disrespects our mothers, daughters, sisters, or other black females? #BlackLivesMatter…to who?

Waka Flocka Flame canceled his SAE performance at the University of Oklahoma after a racist video surfaced. In his words, “he was disgusted. He doesn’t do racism. He couldn’t believe these people were acting like this behind his back.” However, he has a song called, ‘Hard in the Paint’ where he repeatedly says the “n” word which is the same racial slur used in the chant he opposes. To all of my fellow black people, that word is not okay with the “er” or with the “a” at the end. Our ancestors were spit on, beaten, and hung while being called that word. The same way we encourage young African American males not to sagg their pants because of where the practice originated is the same way we should abandon the use of the word ni**a.

Then there’s another song, “No Hands” that makes women out to be nothing but down right trifling. He makes mention of wanting two women who swallow d!c#$ and some other things. Then adds his boys to the mix and the story continues… However, he refuses to perform at OU because he’s disgusted with their chant?

It’s unfortunate that we have to live in a hypocritical, bandwagon society. It is okay for our race to destroy and demean each other but it’s wrong for others to do it to us. We as blacks can make our African American women seem so worthless at times, yet it’s inappropriate for white’s to say anything.

I have news for Mr. Flame and the rest of my people. Until we can come together and learn how to be successful without exploiting each other, we will continue to be treated as we always have been, publicly and privately.

Rodney Jordan is also the author of the books Tired of Being Black and From the Heart of a Teacher.

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