I Am Not Impressed

I am not impressed by the phony, hypocritical, bandwagoners that have taken over our society today. You know…the ones who wait to see what’s hot in the news and the stance taken by the majority before they make a comment supporting that point of view. They really don’t have an opinion, they just want to be on the popular side. Most of them are just hoping for twenty minutes of fame while others are trying hard to sound intelligent.

I am not impressed by these state officials who all of a sudden want to remove the Confederate Flag from their grounds, Capitols, state flags, or even their state license plates. Wasn’t that same flag there last week? Last month? Last year? Somehow, now it’s a problem? Yesterday no one cared but today they all want to be on the right side of history? It is June 2015 and big businesses have decided it is time to remove Confederate merchandise from their stores but the Civil War ended in April of 1865. That’s over 150 years!

Removing the Confederate Flag and all other merchandise has nothing to do with what’s right or wrong. It’s about that good ol’ bandwagon, satisfying a personal or political agenda, and the almighty dollar.

Once the Confederate flag recently became associated with a white male killer of nine innocent black people at a bible study in South Carolina, individuals began expressing their feelings of dissatisfaction with the flag and its history, communicating that it must go. The media did its job, enhancing the rage already in African Americans stemming from the multiple killings of unarmed African American males at the hands of white police officers. Finally, one governor said, “the flag must be removed.” Next, one of the world’s largest retailers released a statement saying it would no longer sell Confederate Flags or merchandise. Obviously, if you’re a public figure or a big business you can’t let the competition out do you so what do you do? You follow suit because if you don’t, the media will make sure that everyone knows and you will lose money faster than a man with holes in his pockets.

I am also not impressed with this retired cop deciding to become “Mr. Tell it All.” Wednesday, June 23, 2015 he sends out a tweet that he was going to be revealing all of the corruption that took place during his time on the Baltimore, Maryland police force. Wow! What a coward! He spent years on the force participating in unlawful and unjust activity but now wants to inform the world? For what? Speaking up now does nothing for the lives he disrespected, abused, or even took while he was in the line of duty. I am not impressed with him; I am actually disappointed in him, just like I am with the NFL’s double jeopardy treatment of Ray Rice, the Los Angeles Clippers phony protest of Donald Sterling, and all of these hypocrites jumping on the Confederate trail. Ray Rice was suspended during the 2014-15 season because of the public’s outrage, not because he knocked his wife out in an elevator. The Los Angeles Clippers wanted to let their previous owner Donald Sterling know how much they hated his racial comments so they turned their shirts inside out. Yep, that showed him.

I am actually impressed with the people who stopped supporting the Confederate Flag before now (at their own will) and those who continue to support it although society says they no longer can. People have a right to feel and believe in anything they want to regardless of whether it is right or wrong. At least both of these groups of people took a stance for what they believe in or have accepted without any outside influences.

I am impressed with the police officers who speak up against the wrong doings of their partners while they are still on the force. Those men and women have my respect. Not some guy who is receiving a pay check for the rest of his life after failing to uphold the law and the honor of his badge.

Rodney Jordan is the author of the books Tired of Being Black and From the Heart of a Teacher.

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Rodney Jordan

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I am a school teacher, author, and motivational speaker.
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One Response to I Am Not Impressed

  1. Very well stated. To do what’s right when no one is looking takes courage. To speak up about injustice when you aren’t in the spotlight requires heart. As you noted, to jump on the bandwagon requires minimal to no effort at all because it’s easy.

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