Justice for All

Last night, a black man was murdered in New York City…but most people wouldn’t know that because he was a police officer and he was shot in the head by another black man.

I thought black lives mattered? I thought people were supposed to walk up and down Times Square screaming and shouting with picket signs in their hands. Wasn’t it just a week and a half ago that people were screaming “Justice or Else”? Where is the justice for this officer, his family, and his fellow officers? Where is Minister Farrakhan? Better yet, where are America’s favorite reverends—Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?

On August 9, 2015 a nine year old black girl was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri while sitting on her bed finishing up her homework—No Justice. One year prior, an 11-year old girl in Chicago was making s’mores when a bullet came through her kitchen window leaving her dead at the scene—No Justice.

Black on black crime happens far too often but sadly there is only outrage when we as blacks feel as if we have a case of racial profiling. The same frustration that was expressed following the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and Freddie Gray should have been demonstrated after what happened to the two young girls I mentioned above. As a young black male, it disgusts me to see movements like Black Lives Matter because as Maury Povich would say, “the survey has determined that was a lie!” As a race, we show the least regard for black lives. Why would anyone take us seriously when we don’t even take our own lives seriously? Then we have a nerve to get upset when people say, “All Lives Matter.” I guess there is a reason why we take offense to that statement—all lives don’t matter to us. What’s important is that we make people think we are truly about promoting a better society even though we are not. However, as long as we want change with our mouths and not with our hearts, things will always remain the same.

If you enjoyed this post, you should consider reading the book, Tired of Being Black.

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I am a school teacher, author, and motivational speaker.
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2 Responses to Justice for All

  1. black lives doesn’t matter at all,
    accordingly to black people throughout america.

    black on black crime would’ve been decreasing dramatically!

    abortion clinics would’ve been shut down!

  2. I agree Martell. We would also begin to see fewer single parent households and more black parents involved in their children’s education.

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