Why I Hate the “N” Word

You can tell me it’s cool, you can tell me it’s a greeting. But what you can’t tell me is that it’s not a racial slur. The word was created to break down a certain color of people. It was meant to destroy the self-esteem of black people. Men and women were spit on, beaten, and hung while being called that word. It was never meant to be nor ever will be a term of endearment. If you think so, imagine for a moment that you can awaken every slave and every victim of segregation and say, “what’s up my nigga”? Do you think you’ll get the same response you get from blacks today? You know—the ones who are quick to jump on fox news, quick to play the race card on the job, or criticize the media for projecting negative images of black people. The ones who don’t support their own BLACK family and friends but get mad when white people treat us in the same way. Where is the love they cry out? Where is the love? I ask you though, where is the love among us black people? There sure isn’t any love in the word nigger.

Why is it okay for blacks to use the “n” word but whites are put to shame when they speak it? Why did we jump all over Paula Deen, Justin Bieber, and Riley Cooper for saying it but rappers, comedians, and other entertainers use it all of the time? People fought, bled, and died for black people to have the right to be free. Their goal was to escape everything that held black people down including racially motivated words such as nigger, porch monkey, tar baby, and colored. However, this us “Free African Americans” have decided that we want to strip white people of the privilege to call us names—we will just do it ourselves. What a shame!

We can find numerous ways to justify why we use such a hate-filled word. We can say “that’s my nigga” and highlight that it is spelled differently than the way white people use it. What we can’t do, though, is deny its disrespect to our heritage and the fight that got us the rights we have today.

Some may be wondering…who is this “uncle tom” writing this article? Who is this sellout? I am neither. I am just a young black male school teacher bothered by what I see happening in America today.

Rodney Jordan is a fifth and sixth grade teacher in Northern Virginia. He is also the author of the books, Tired of Being Black and From the Heart of a Teacher. If you’d like to contact Mr. Jordan, please use the information below.


Rodney Jordan




About jordanliterature

I am a school teacher, author, and motivational speaker.
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3 Responses to Why I Hate the “N” Word

  1. Layk Life says:

    Nice post. Very emotional and moving

  2. Thank you Layk Life. Many say I’m a very passionate guy!

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