America’s Team…Says Who?

Entering training camp this summer, the Dallas Cowboys have added another opponent to their 2017 schedule—the legal system. Ezekiel Elliott has been dealing with domestic violence allegations, Damien Wilson was arrested for aggravated assault, Nolan Carroll was arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI), Dak Prescott was accused of forging autographs, and David Irving has been suspended for the first four games after taking substances banned by the National Football League (NFL). Interestingly, all of these guys are still on the team.

Meanwhile, wide receiver and return specialist, Lucky Whitehead, is out of a job today after he was supposedly arrested on June 22nd in Virginia and then missed his court hearing July 6th. Whitehead has since made it clear he didn’t know anything about the arrest or the court hearing. Moreover, his agent claims to have proof that Lucky was in Dallas when the alleged incident occurred. Hmm…

The report surfaced yesterday morning. The Cowboys cut Lucky Whitehead yesterday evening. Today, police said they had the wrong guy. Something just doesn’t add up here.

Cowboys Coach, Jason Garrett, lived up to the hype in an interview with news reporters when he mentioned “upholding standards.” Standards…really? Why are the other guys still on the team? Garrett continued, “It was time to go in a different direction.”

I wonder if this decision was made yesterday or back in the spring when the team drafted Ryan Switzer out of the University of North Carolina to play the same role as Whitehead.

The writing has been on the wall for quite some time now. It wasn’t a matter of if, but when.

Sports is more professional than personal—a lot more. Teams will profess their love for their players, until they no longer have use for them. Look at how Peyton Manning was treated by the Indianapolis Colts a few years ago. After all he had done for the Colts franchise, they didn’t hesitate to show him the door when they thought his career was over.

Lucky Whitehead’s situation isn’t about whether or not he is guilty but more so about what the Cowboys think they have with him. It is obvious, they thought they were better off without him but not because of his character, which took a major blow yesterday, but because from a business standpoint, it didn’t make sense to keep him around. Judging by social media posts, fans weren’t too happy with Whitehead on the field. Disappointed fans lead to a decrease in ticket sales. The New York Giants told reporters they couldn’t sign Colin Kaepernick because fans sent numerous letters threatening to boycott if the team decided to give him a chance. See how that works?

Hopefully, Whitehead will have the same recovery as Peyton Manning who went on to lead another team to a Super Bowl Victory. However, the most important lesson to be learned here is that professional sports teams care about one thing—money. The athletes who work to better themselves 365 days a year aren’t viewed as people but dollar signs, instead. If you don’t believe me, just wait until the Dallas Cowboys no longer have any use for Ezekiel Elliott or Dez Bryant.



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