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Colin Kaepernick: What’s Really Going On?

A year ago when Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee during the San Francisco 49ers preseason game against the Green Bay Packers, I questioned his timing and reasoning. I believe we all have the right to protest and boycott, … Continue reading

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America’s Team…Says Who?

Entering training camp this summer, the Dallas Cowboys have added another opponent to their 2017 schedule—the legal system. Ezekiel Elliott has been dealing with domestic violence allegations, Damien Wilson was arrested for aggravated assault, Nolan Carroll was arrested for driving … Continue reading

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Who’s Sitting in Your Classroom?

About three and a half years ago, my dad ran into my seventh grade social studies teacher. Her first question was, “So what penitentiary is that Rodney Jordan in today?” My dad responded, “My son is a school teacher now.” … Continue reading

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My Hand, My Heart, Your Flag

A few weeks ago, highly decorated Olympic Champion, Gabby Douglas was under great scrutiny for not placing her hand over heart during the national anthem at the Olympics. Last night, San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick took things a step … Continue reading

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“Eye” See Color

Try to engage an adult, especially a white person, in a conversation about race…I guarantee you, the first thing out of their mouth will be, “I don’t see color.” Do you believe that? I sure don’t! The truth is, we … Continue reading

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A Letter to a Former Teacher

Dear Mrs. Street, I still remember the first day I walked into your class. You had it all set up nice and neat. It was obvious you took time to prepare it for lost kids like me. Your room was … Continue reading

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Charleston Shooting: Why the Media Matters

There should be a sign at every border of the United States that reads, “Welcome to America Where You Have the Right to be Wrong”! A nation that was supposedly built on Christian principles has lead people all over the … Continue reading

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