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Who’s Sitting in Your Classroom?

About three and a half years ago, my dad ran into my seventh grade social studies teacher. Her first question was, “So what penitentiary is that Rodney Jordan in today?” My dad responded, “My son is a school teacher now.” … Continue reading

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Why Black People Are So Angry

Black people have never denied that black on black crime is a problem in America. Hence the reason why so many African American men and women have created mentor programs, non-profit organizations, and empowerment groups to improve the lives of … Continue reading

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I Love What I Do

I love what I do! I get to work with America’s most creative, innovative, and talented people. They show up Monday through Friday eager to share and adopt new ideas. They love to have conversations with me about what’s happening … Continue reading

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Why I Hate the “N” Word

You can tell me it’s cool, you can tell me it’s a greeting. But what you can’t tell me is that it’s not a racial slur. The word was created to break down a certain color of people. It was … Continue reading

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Charleston Shooting: Why the Media Matters

There should be a sign at every border of the United States that reads, “Welcome to America Where You Have the Right to be Wrong”! A nation that was supposedly built on Christian principles has lead people all over the … Continue reading

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What Makes Me Different: A Note from a Young Black Male School Teacher

He’s a thug, he’s a gangsta, he’s a bully! Often times, these are the labels placed on young black males who have been murdered by white men in law enforcement. A justification if you will. A justification for why another … Continue reading

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Tired of Being Black: “So Disgusted I Can’t Perform”

Tired of Being Black: “So Disgusted I Can’t Perform” Disgusted with a racist video? Are you serious? Boy, do we black men have some nerve! Who are we to get mad at other races for using the “n” word? Who … Continue reading

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