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Stop Supporting Your Enemies

“The first black…” “The first black man…” “The first black female…” “The first female…” Barack Obama was the first black president of the United States. Gabby Douglas was the first African American woman to win the all-around gold in the … Continue reading

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A Letter to a Former Teacher

Dear Mrs. Street, I still remember the first day I walked into your class. You had it all set up nice and neat. It was obvious you took time to prepare it for lost kids like me. Your room was … Continue reading

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Pull Your Pants Up…Young Fella

Pull your pants up young fella. Who told you that was cool? Better yet, why did you listen? Have you ever seen a baby with a loaded poop diaper? That’s exactly what you look like. Every time I see your … Continue reading

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Why I Hate the “N” Word

You can tell me it’s cool, you can tell me it’s a greeting. But what you can’t tell me is that it’s not a racial slur. The word was created to break down a certain color of people. It was … Continue reading

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Charleston Shooting: Why the Media Matters

There should be a sign at every border of the United States that reads, “Welcome to America Where You Have the Right to be Wrong”! A nation that was supposedly built on Christian principles has lead people all over the … Continue reading

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Excuse Me, but Don’t Make Excuses for Me: A note from a young black male teacher

Three years ago…“So what penitentiary is that Rodney Jordan in today”? One year later, “Man I’ve been to jail four times and I just knew I’d see your son there.” Sound harsh? Well, the first question was asked by one … Continue reading

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