Grown & Sexy…in the Workplace?

Last week, I heard an interesting discussion on the radio about professional dress in the workplace. A woman was upset because she was criticized for wearing an outfit that “showed her curves.” She argued that it wasn’t fair for her to be required to change when skinnier women were permitted to wear the same outfit.

When it comes to appropriate dress in the workplace, I think my wife is an excellent example for women. She is an attractive, curvy female who knows how to cover up her body while still looking good. Her blouses don’t reveal any cleavage and her skirts always exceed the fingertip test. She doesn’t wear anything that hugs her body but her clothes aren’t baggy either. It’s usually a nice fit and perfect for her work environment in corporate America.

However, I think her style is too conservative for most women. It would probably be described as “old fashion” by most.

The radio show hosts sided with the lady who felt like she had been discriminated against. “I should not be held to a different standard because of my body. I don’t have any control over my hips, thighs, or breasts,” the female co-host explained.

Personally, I think people should be allowed to wear what they’d like as long as it is presentable considering their environment. For example, walking down the street in a bra and panties would be viewed as unacceptable but the same look is appropriate at the beach or a pool. The same must be considered for our place of business.

There are clothes for skinny people and there are clothes for thicker people and something for those in between. In fashion, not everyone can wear everything. Just because we can put it on doesn’t mean we should wear it. In the same way, just because we have money in our pockets doesn’t mean we should spend it.

When we leave our homes, we represent ourselves and our families. There is a time and place to be sexy. Hopefully, we are successful in determining when and where that place is.


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I am a school teacher, author, and motivational speaker.
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